Using the Playground now

Plans for a family movie night at Williams Avenue playground are under way. Everyone in the Community meeting (July 17) got really excited about having movie night here to meet others and have a fun night. Let’s just set a date and do it.

Do you have a favorite title, kiddie-type / family movie?

ALSO, what do you think about having a Community Garden built right on top of the concrete slab (aka old basketball court) for next spring/summer?


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4 responses to “Using the Playground now

  1. I think a community garden is a fine idea, though I don’t live on Williams Ave, so I wouldn’t want my preference to carry a lot of weight. That said, another fine idea, in my opinion, would be an urban orchard, perhaps along the borders of the park, particularly in the back. That would free up the court for other uses. See for more information. I participated while I lived in Somerville and it was a wonderful experience.

  2. K

    I think a community garden sounds great, thank you.

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