Sept 18 – Community Meeting

We’re inviting the whole Williams Ave community to a meeting in my house’s backyard. We’ll grill some goodies (meat and veggies) and chat over the meal.

If you live around here, you should have received a pink flier with the invitation. Come along at noon. We’ll discuss the playground rebuilding process, movie night and block parties, plus any other items the community brings up.

Hope to see you there.



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4 responses to “Sept 18 – Community Meeting

  1. K

    Hi, my family lives on Williams Ave (middle section) and never received a pink flier, as well as a few other close neighbors to us. Was this for the upper section of Williams Ave only? We would love to help clean-up the whole street to how it use to be, when I was much younger I use to be able to walk the street without having to look behind me or play kick-ball in the street without fearing a car may race me down. It nice to know that someone is taking the time to help with our neighborhood but everyone should be involved, this could cause a lot of misunderstanding and hurt feels for everyone in our neighborhood.

    • I am SO SORRY you didn’t get the invitation. We tried to pass them out house by house, door-to-door. We want and need everyone to be involved in reviving this neighborhood and creating a safe, fun place for adults and kids alike.

  2. Anonymous

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