Block party afterthoughts

The Block Party was so much fun yesterday! Thank you to everyone who showed up and shared food, stories, concerns and dreams. The day-after is when I look back and reflect on what happened… Here’s what I got so far:

1. Gathering around food is always a hit! Grilled burger and franks, baked pasta, cupcakes, chips, hot cider, Dominican soda (gotta love it) all invite us to share a smile and praise the cook!

2. It was such a great start to what I hope becomes a traditional yearly celebration. A few neighbors are really committing to participate in the planning of future events and with more hands working the load is lighter. I’m very excited about this – it seems as though more neighbors are joining the wagon that will lead us to a safer and happier place to live.

3. I’m even more convicted of the need to find the best way to communicate with everyone. We’re trying everything we know to try: face-to-face meetings, paper fliers distributed door-to-door (then the wind blows them away), a banner hanging from a fence, emailing, calling, FaceBooking and blogging. We’ve connected with other bloggers and Facebookers and STILL there are many who don’t know anything about the WAVE (Williams Avenue Community Meetings). With more people involved I am very hopeful that we will bridge the gap and get as many people informed as possible.

4. I was excited to see some non-Williams Ave/Place residents stop by and chat with us. Essex Ave, Essex Street, Dana Street, Fayette Street and other areas of Lynn all have been represented to show support and get into the action, as well as a few Lynn-lovers from other cities and towns. Thanks!

5. The after-party Daffodil bulb planting at Williams Ave playground was a relaxing time. Folks raked and bagged dead leaves, collected a bit of trash, dug and planted the bulbs and just hang out for a while. Looking forward to spring flowers! Thanks ELCA for bringing the bulbs and coordinating the effort.

6. Surprise attendees:

— The Lynn Daily Item – click here for article  and here for pictures.

— The Lynn Police cruiser – thanks guys for driving by! It’s reassuring to see you around and have you asking questions about the party! Come back daily! 😉 Please!

7. Meeting our neighbors is invigorating, delightful and very relaxing. Like people say after a good meeting: “this was good, we should do it more often!”

So let’s do it more often! Saturday, October 23 is the next community meeting, at noon. Please come to share a meal and share our lives as we build this community.

Loving it!


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